15th IOAA has ended!

Around three hundred students from forty-five countries competed in the 15th International Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad in Georgia the country between August 14th and August 22nd. The American team achieved an amazing result with ten medals (3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze).

Main team:

Samvit Das – gold medal
David Zhang – gold medal
Erez Israeli Miller – silver medal
Justin Chen – silver medal
Abhay Narasima Bestrapalli – bronze medal

Guest team:

Evan Kim – gold medal
Andrew Liu – silver medal
Orion Foo – bronze medal
Austin Chen – bronze medal
Arjun Patel –bronze medal

Team Leaders: Natasa Dragovic (Tufts University) and Lucas Pinheiro (Notre Dame)

Training was conducted by volunteer mentors through video calls with the team members.

The USA team was selected by volunteer members of the USAAAO (USA Astronomy and Astrophysics Organization) based on candidates’ results in a selection exam. The next IOAA will take place in Poland in August 2023.

The USAAAO team is extremely grateful to the “The Masson Family Fund” for their generosity. Because of the support of the Mason Family, USAAAO could cover the team’s travel, accommodation and food expenses. We’re also thankful to law firm Prince Lobel for legal representation.

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Part of the team during the opening ceremony