The USAAAO is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Many of us are past competitors, but we all love astronomy and astrophysics! Here are some of the wonderful people who continue to help make USAAAO happen:


Roohi Dalal (Leiden University)

Bryan Brzycki (Berkeley University)

Current Team Leaders

Ioana Zelko (Harvard University)

Natasha Dragovic (University of Texas at Austin)

Other Volunteers

Dr. Amanda Bosh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dr. David Fallest (Naval S Warfare Ctr)

Tanveer Karim (Harvard University)

Tad Komacek (University of Arizona)

Dr. Blagoy Rangelov (Texas State University)

Evan Tey (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Philip Yoon (Johns Hopkins University)

Past Volunteers

Luke Finnerty (California Institute of Technology)

Ana-Roxana Pop (Harvard University)


If you’re interested in joining our team, email us at info@usaaao.org!