National Astronomy Competition is less than a week away!

National Astronomy Competition will take place on March 20th. Top scorers will be invited to participate at the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad.

All students taking part in the competition received instructions.

NAC is a 2.5h long written exam and will be proctored by our volunteers.

Slot 1: If you reside between time zones of GMT-8 (e.g. California) and GMT+4, you will take the test at 9am West Coast time ( same as 12pm East Coast Time, 2pm Brazil time, 7pm Romanian time, etc.)

Slot 2: If you reside in other time zones, like GMT-10 (e.g. Hawaii), GMT-9 (e.g. Alaska), or any other time zones, you will take the test at 9pm East Coast time, which translates to 5pm Alaskan time, and 4pm Hawaiian time.

Note: students are responsible for double checking the time difference.

Students from the same school should coordinate to take the exam at the same time slot. If you haven’t received an email from us and you qualified for the National Astronomy Competition, please email us at