Registration Closes in a Week!

Exam will be proctored by USAAAO volunteers and will be fully online. Students do not need to find a teacher in order to register. Once the registration closes, we will send Zoom links to the students with more detailed instructions.

Students must be present at the specified exam time that depends on the time zone of a student. First Round is on Saturday, January 30th. Second Round time slots will be the same.

To register, please use this link. Registration this year is 25$ per student. If you’re unable to pay, please register by using this form. You don’t need to fill out both forms. We want to make sure that everyone that wants to participate has the opportunity to do so.

Slot 1: If you reside between time zones of GMT-8 (e.g. California) and GMT+4, you will take the test at 9am West Coast time ( same as 12pm East Coast Time, 2pm Brazil time, 7pm Romanian time, etc.)

Slot 2: If you reside in other time zones, like GMT-10 (e.g. Hawaii), GMT-9 (e.g. Alaska), or any other time zones, you will take the test at 9pm East Coast time, which translates to 5pm Alaskan time, and 4pm Hawaiian time.

Note: students are responsible for double checking the time difference

For more information about the selection process visit our Selection Process page. If you’d like to receive notifications about future opportunities, join our mailing list here.