Thank you for your support!

We want to thank and acknowledge all the donors that helped us in the last 2 years! We appreciate your help in supporting the goals of USAAAO, and we could not have made it without you!


2018 donor list:

-Zhigang Bian

-Cymer on behalf of Huiping Zheng

-Kelly Finnerty

-Ann & Jim Robinson

-Dai Cheng

-Qin Huang

-Daniel McCarty

-Baogen Wu

-Nishanth Anand

-Christopher McKenzie

-Hongmei Chen

-number of anonymous donors

2017 donor list:

-Cymer on behalf of Huiping Zheng

– Stacy Seaberg

– Robert S. Scheurer

– Dr Robert & Susan Seaberg

– Shrivathsa Ballal

– Huiping Zheng

– Changzhong Yang

– Kaleeg

– Girish Upadhya

– Meia Chita-Tegmark

– Libby and Salim Jabbour

– Aaron Johnson

– Jamie Titus

– Nirmala Acharya

– Haibo Qian

– Krishna Bhat

– Joseph McCarty

– Steven Finkelstein

– Pavel Shibayev

– Justin Kang

-number of anonymous donors