Founded in 2013, the USAAAO started as a group of six high school students who were interested in astronomy and astrophysics. They had heard about the Physics and Chemistry Olympiads that currently existed to foster students’ interest in the sciences. When they learned that there was an international-level astronomy Olympiad, and that more surprisingly, the US did not participate, they wanted to change that. They came into contact with each other via email, and collaborated to form the USAAAO.

That year, they took the initiative of forming a team to represent the USA at the 7th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics. Receiving two individual honorable mentions and 11th place in the team competition, they returned and began preparation to establish a national selection procedure for future teams.

12th IOAA

Joseph McCarty  – Gold Medal
Vincent Bian – Gold Medal
April Cheng – Silver Medal
Sahil Pontula – Bronze Medal
Andy Zhu – Honorable Mention

David Yue


10th IOAA

Srijon Mukherjee – Gold Medal
Hagan Hensley – Silver Medal
Luke Qi – Silver Medal
Robert Yang – Honorable Mention
Wonjun Yoon – Honorable Mention

9th IOAA


Jeffrey Huang – Silver Medal
Luke Qi – Bronze Medal
Srijon Mukherjee – Bronze Medal
Sara Anjum – Honorable Mention
Hariharan Sezhiyan

8th IOAA


Luke Finnerty – Bronze Medal
David Wang – Honorable Mention
Claire Burch – Honorable Mention
Evan Tey – Honorable Mention

7th IOAA


Bryan Brzycki – Honorable Mention
Luke Finnerty – Honorable Mention
Claire Burch
Roohi Dalal
Silas Grossberndt